Round One - Completed

Contestants are asked to provide the following:

A Recent Video Recording (unedited) in which you play a movement from a work of your own choice (3-10 mins). For your video recording you can either play solo or with accompaniment. The recording can be done at home or at any other place. The recording can be submitted after submitting the application, as long as the recording has been submitted by 30 June 2016 .  Take your time.

You can make the video recording with any iphone, android phone etc, and copy the recording either onto a DVD or a USB stick, or you can upload the recording directly to our server. You can also upload the video to YouTube and make it unlisted. YouTube is the best option for you if you have not submitted the video by mid-June 2016.
If you choose the DVD or USB stick option please send it (registered) to:

Animato International Violin Competition
PO Box 1577
Eagle Farm QLD 4009

If you wish to upload the video recording you will get the upload link sent to you as soon as your application has been received.

Round Two / Semi-Finals (7 Contestants):

Friday, 11 November 2016, Hamilton Town Hall, Hamilton, Brisbane
1:00pm-3:30pm (each contestant will be allocated up to 20 mins)

There is time in the morning to arrange a rehearsal with the accompanist onsite. The Hall is available from 8:00am. Please arrange a time with Brachi Tilles. Fees would be directly paid to her for her time in the morning. Brachi Tilles accompaniment is free of charge for the contestant when playing in front of the judges.

Contestants are asked to perform the following:

One Movement of a Bach Solo Sonata or Partita
First Movement of either Mozart Concerto: D Major (K 218) or A Major (K 219)

The adjudicators will choose three contestants to move on to the final 'Round Three' which is scheduled for Saturday Afternoon. The announcement will be at 4:00 pm - Friday.

Contestants who are not proceeding to round three are asked to stay in Brisbane (see terms and conditions) for the orchestra rehearsals on Sunday early Afternoon (from 1:00pm), followed by the public concert on Sunday at 3:00pm.

Round Three (3 Finalists)

Saturday, 12 November, 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Three contestants from Round Two were chosen on Friday by the adjudicators to move on to Round Three.
Round Three will decide who wins the 1st prize.

Contestants are asked to perform the following:

2nd and 3rd movements of the Mozart Concerto
One movement from a work of their own choice - 3 to 10 minutes. (The length has no influence on the assessment.)

4:30pm - Announcement of Winner

Sunday, 13 November, 1:00pm

Chamber Orchestra Rehearsal with everyone!

This rehearsal is for all participants. Participants will accompany the first prize winner from Round Three who will perform the whole Mozart Concerto in Sunday Afternoon's public concert. It will be recorded for broadcasting.

Sunday 3:00pm

Public concert at the premises with the Chamber Orchestra at the Hall. Those who did not win the competition are invited to play their extra piece in the first half of the concert.

Do you have questions regarding the the repertoire or anything else? Click HERE for Support!